A firm believer that life is to be lived to its fullest, I went on an great adventure seeking to fullfil this. What got the ball rolling was my conversion to the Catholic faith. It has been a great journey that eventually led me from income security to Kingdom’s security. This amazing principle also brought me to the discovery of my calling as a coach.

This blog was inspired by my learning about life through the death of my father. I share my reflection from the experience of life.

My unique experience in corporate and Christian mission led me to be passionate about bringing meaningful difference in the lives of those I encounter through coaching and workshop trainings.

The primary workshop I serve as a trainer is JumpStart. This is a workshop that help participants to be in touch with their mission in life. JumpStart also provides better understanding of self as well as tools to move forward.

In my coaching practice, I focus on helping my clients to achieve their desirable outcomes through discovery of new perspectives, affirmation of their journey and celebration of their growth. I delight in calling out and affirming the goodness of people. I am committed to help you to work through your challenges and to pave a way forward towards your goal.

My journey of healing from Myasthenia Gravis has further convicted me that living life fully is possible even in undesirable situations. This experience ignited a new passion in me to help people who received a diagnosis of chronic illness to reclaim their lives and to help them to be a testament of life in its fullness. Connect with me to find out more about coaching and JumpStart.


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