The Beloved Who Suffers Well – Part 1

Having the privilege to be off drugs and living pretty well for a short period of time has been nothing short of a blessing. Being inflicted with a nasty flare up of Myasthenia Gravis around end of November all through December of 2022 has become an awakening for me. I am given yet another chance in life. I praise God for the people He placed in my life to bring forth “a new life” in me. I was so sick that I can only share my reflections personally with close friends. Those who supported me has been a blessing to me and has been blessed by my sharing. So here I am sharing my past reflections in parts as I believed that everyone deserves victory in their suffering.

This was written and shared on 11 December 2022 and it was my breakthrough reflection.

Upon being invited to stay with the desire to be known, so many things came out. One identity I am invited to take on now is “The Beloved who Suffers Well”. I sensed my own discomfort in it but then who is the first Beloved who Suffers Well? None other than our Lord Jesus Christ. He showed us that the Cross is the way to Glory and I am to be focused on the grace of the moment.

What came out of my reflection surprised me. I only want to be known of the good stuffs but in my reality now I am crying out to be known in my suffering. To dare to bare the suffering. So here are the symptoms I am experiencing:

– muscle weakness
– unable to swallow properly without drug. It’s sometimes hard even with drugs
– severe double vision
– dizziness
– unstable movement
– jittery feelings on my muscles
– cold numbness on my lips and pallate
– slurry speech
– loss of appetite
– heaviness on my chest
– anxiety / depression (drug related)
– diarrhea (drug related)

I desire to suffer well like Christ and I recognise opportunities to do that. When things felt good, praise Him and when it is not that pleasant; look to the Cross for His grace for all these shall pass.

Continue to pray for me.

Love and blessings,


I pray that you are blessed by my sharing and that you find victory in your suffering.

With lots of love,


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