“For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” – Ephesians 2: 10 (NLT)

How many of us pay attention to the signature gesture that is really us? People may make fun of it and have a good laugh out of it. Sometimes we become too self conscious about it. Along this line of thought, I recall leading a fellowship session last year where I came out with an idea of honouring each other. However, before we do that, the person who honours will have to imitate the one he/she honours. The rest in the group will guess who this person before the honouring start is. We had a good laugh that night and I was so amazed how attentive we were to each other. Personally for me, I was amazed how people could guess immediately when I was imitated and the word spoken to honour me was simply beautiful.

Reflecting upon that evening, one thing that stood out for me was the uniqueness of each person. We truly are a MASTERPIECE, fearfully and wonderfully made by the DIVINE ARTIST. How delicately He formed us to be who we are today. All of us here on this earthly pilgrimage are a work in progress towards becoming more and more like the image and likeness of our Creator. And we cannot deny what masterpiece we are when we know the One who made us!

Moving along my journey of life that got turned downside up when I fell in love with LOVE, I come to appreciate myself even more as I come to know the One who made me. The grace that God has provided for me to be able to leave my security for His plan to unfold in my life is simply awesome. This has been a journey of discovering my Masterpiece-ness through knowing and loving my Creator. The One who made me has the operating manual with Him and He also knew what my past looked like. It was not a nice place to be in; the darkness and pain were real and I would rather not go there but He showed me what redemption really looked like. His mercy is proven to be beyond my sins. I experienced unconditional love and that had led me to path of healing.

Through healing, I come to embrace the fact that my brokenness has made my being so much richer and so much more beautiful. That beauty of my being is being affirmed by my habitual gesture – my smile. Countless people affirmed me of my smile that brings about comfort, consolation, confidence and affirmation for them. I have not paid much attention to it as it was very natural for me. Wherever I go, people who were initially not smiling will smile when they saw me. I used find it funny and I thought I had a funny face, which was why people smile because it was impolite to laugh. As time goes, I received more and more affirmation about my smile; I started to take it more seriously. Maybe I do have a healing smile. It is a simple and yet such an important gesture.

During one of the low moment of my life, I recall the struggles I went through internally and yet that was the time I was called to reach out to people. I have nothing to give but my smile and the little that I gave leaves an imprint on people’s heart. Although I do acknowledge that God has given me a wide range of gifts and talents, there were times that those talents have not had a platform to flourish. During those times, my smile became my only gift, my small way of reaching out. I believe it pleases my Heavenly Father. I am indeed very grateful for the gift of my smile because it gave out a sense of welcome to strangers. My smile is the sign of my simplicity. The simplicity that speaks about my loving Father. I just need to be me and that radiates Him who made me. That is what makes me a masterpiece; a masterpiece that comes with her package of beauty out of ashes. Embracing my whole self in the package of my beauty, my redeemed and yet to be redeemed brokenness gave me the peace to offer to others – my SMILE.

Dear friends, what gesture represents you? Be it a smile, a handshake, a hug, or a simple wave; may that be a testimony of your being. May that gesture open doors of opportunity to reach out and bless God. May you in turn be blessed of your signature gesture that speaks about your state of MASTERPIECE.

And remember, you are indeed a MASTERPIECE!

With lots of love,



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